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  • Traditional Funeral Package Includes:

    1. All basic services of the funeral director and staff, for visitation and funeral service.
    2. Embalming
    3. Service of staff and facilities for visitation (1 day)
    4. Use of facilities and staff
    5. Dressing, casketing, and cosmetology
    6. Non-protective casket (**Upgrades are available for an additional fee.)
    7. Hearse or Coach with driver for funeral service transportation (50 mile radius.)
    8. Service vehicle (lead car & van) with driver for funeral service (50 mile radius.)
    9. (1) Family Car
    10. Vehicle and driver to respond to initial call (50 mile radius.)
    11.  Temporary grave marker
    12. Acknowledgment cards, register book, record of food donations book.
  • Cremation Includes:

    All basic service of the funeral director and staff (without ceremony); a proportionate share of overhead costs; removal of remains, transportation to crematory necessary authorizations.

    Pre-Need Services
    There are many benefits to pre-arranging funeral services.  It can be very comforting for your surviving loved ones when your wishes are known in advance. Such benefits include:

    1. Decisions made together
    2. Peace of mind
    3. Frozen price
    4. Flexible payment plans

Other Services: Notary Public, Funeral Insurance, Monuments, and Limousine Service

**Not included: Outer burial container, receiving remains from another funeral home, cemetery plot, opening and closing of the grave, permanent memorial marker, funeral program, and cash advance items such as: newspaper obituary, flowers.